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Radio Industrija Zagreb (RIZ) was founded in 1948 as a state-owned enterprise that initially produced radio sets and transmission equipment.

Later, the program expanded so that, in addition to the production of transmitters, RIZ had a factory of mechanical parts in Zagreb until the seventies, military production, a development institute, and retail sales and service of televisions, and dislocated production in Slunj and Đurđevac.

The first television receiver that was produced in RIZ was made under the license of the Dutch company Philips, model TV 101 and was put on the market in 1956. The model RIZ TV 101 looked like the Philips model Leonardo. The production of the TV 101 model was coordinated with the beginning of the Zagreb television program, and it was exhibited at the Zagreb Fair in 1956. Three years later, in 1959, RIZ launched a TV receiver of its own development on the market.

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RIZ Professional Electronics (RIZ PE) is the successor of the part of RIZ that was involved in the production of military, police and other dedicated radio equipment such as:

Today, RIZ Professional Electronics manufactures military radio devices, amplifiers, and maintains and integrates military radio systems.

In cooperation with IMPEL GROUP d.o.o. we have developed and manufacture a military tactical radio device TAKRAD based on Software defined radio (SDR) technology.